Burning Pages Of My Dreams!

I have always wanted a library within my home because I love to read what other people think, which is basically what writing is, because people will not listen to some people because they are like a ghost, so naturally if it is not like a person naturally you would write whatever it is that you are thinking, and without warning you have a book. A book on whatever it is that you wrote, your dreams, hidden story of a hidden power, secret busting to burn the pages, your experience in life that will help others. Because in reality that is what I normally write about is a fantasy life that will someday help others and it will be great to see what i have done within my writing and all I have to do is look at the dreams and hopes that people will need to get in through life, just as I have. Also it will be great to see someone borrowing a book from my library and then telling me that it is great because I wrote it :D just how cool would that be. Also if I hadn't dreamed about owning my own library within the future I would probably be lost more then what I was in high-school, having dreams helps you get through pretty much anything why? because it gives you the strength that you need to get through anything. I would love to give anyone that strength just as the writer Juliet Marillier fantastic fiction :D for those who have bullies in there live and have been through so much pain, as well as pushed around all your life and have no confidence this is the book to find that strength! I hope this helps because that is what I want to do is help people and more.
shadowspyro99 shadowspyro99
22-25, F
May 12, 2012