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Or At Least A Room Of Knowlege.

I admit that a library with proper books would be lovely to have and one that I wish to have. I've always had an old 8 foot tall bookcase that is filled with books. Literature, History, Reference materal of Philosophy, Psychology, Comptuers, Science fills it from tip to toe.

However, I'm also a geek, and a lover of technology. So, I don't mind if it was something that looked like books but were actually digital storage devices filled with my library of books in the digital formats I seem to read more often than not now.

Leatherbound booklike storage devices with USB hubs built into the bookcases leading down and out to a simple media server so anywhere I have an Internet connection, I'd have my library of books with me reguardless of my device.

20TB for a Library of Congress.. .let's see that'd only cost what? $3000 USD for the Hardrive space and the ability to have backup.
jondoen jondoen 26-30, M Aug 16, 2012

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