I love to read, as does my husband and my children.  Now that we are somewhat settled, I have been able to continue my book collecting.  I have all books by Tom Robbins, Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore.  And I have many more by various other authors that I enjoy.  I love re-reading books that I enjoyed in the past, so I can't wait until I am older and have a larger collection, it will truly be something to be proud of.  :-)

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I'm sure once the kids are out of the house, if I ever have to make a choice between food and a great book, I may have a tough decision on my hands. :-)

I think it was Vivtor Hugo who said he would (and had) bought books before bread!<br />
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So many little time!

Anti-Libraries are GREAT!! I love when I can score books faster than I can read them, I bought a few offline a few months ago and still have 2 by 2 favorite authors to read, and everytime I'm at the library I grab some of the 'free' books, just in case I ever want to read them. Favorite books are great, but knowing there is an un-read book is good too. :-)

I have a small one. Or an anti-library (haven't read most of them!).

I agree Gray, and aren't you guys in the process of moving soon? I know that by the time I get my 'library'(minus the shelves and fancy chairs and lamps) together, we will be moving(well, we better be, I can only stay in the south for so long).

I have a good portion of books Nishasen, and enough shelf space for what I have now. But I imaging in 5-10 years I'm going to need(and really, really WANT) to have a room that is specifically designated as a Library. With little fashionable lamps by the super comfy chairs too. :-)

Me too .. I want a sizeable library, but i am afraid i can't afford that

And by the way Tat2doc, I would gladly house your books, as we have an extra room, but would not want to take the risk with a toddler in the house. The room is gated off, but there is no telling if/when he would figure out how to get around the gate and attempt to 'read'. <br />
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Good luck with your library. my problem is that I have nobody to leave my collection to that will appreciate them like I do.<br />
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I started collecting around 1980 and haven't stopped since. I've been lucky enough to have the finances to go to my local bookstore and drop a few hundred at a time. Easily $3-400 a month or more, every month. And now with Amazon, I don't even have to leave the house.<br />
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Before I moved, I was the #1 customer at both the regular bookstore, and the Christian store (during my religious reading period).<br />
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Now I'm kind of waiting for some new titles to come out in history, art, non fiction, or German Shepherds.

Nice, I hope to have a library for my home at one point. I actually have a room that I keep all of my books in, although it is only two bookshelves. My husband likewise has his own bookshelf and my daughter has two. Given 5-10 years it should be pretty vast. That is an impressive collection of books Tat2doc! I love the idea of collectibles, and so far only have one that hasn't been read. And the other one I wouldn't call a collectible, it's just a first edition print of the first Dark Tower Book, and I didn't have the money at the time to buy that and a regular copy, so it's been read, lol.

I want a home for my library!<br />
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you wouldn't happen to have about 24 feet by 6 feet of wall space would you? I need room for over 3,000 books. And maybe 20 are collectibles. The most expensive so far was purchased for $400 and worth $1,400.

Coraline was a great story, my daughter and I read it at the same time, good stuff. I dream of a huge library with large windows and overstuffed chairs to read in. :-)

Ooooh, I did not know there was a group like this. I love to read, I am right with you on book collecting. When I am older, and have a nice job and a house, I want my own library, a huge, gigantic one to get lost in, like Gatsby's library. There's actually words on the pages(owl eyed man on Gatsby's library) lol. I read Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, I really liked it......