Hi to all,
He deactivated my FB account. The only means I have to the outside world , to be in touch with my family and friends, to de stress . This has happened before and I secretly activated it again . Today he bashed me up pretty badly. My eye hurts so much. All this happened cos I posted photos of our weekend break in Macau. What's wrong in posting photos... I really don't know. He hates FB. He feels it does not protect ones privacy. God he is insane. He bashed me for posting photos if him in a pub. He doesn't want people to know he drinks. He wants to portray himself as a holy and pious man to the outside world . He fails to realize that he is a bastard who hits his own wife. He abuses me in every way possible - physically, mentally, sexually. I can't stand the sight of him. I hate weekends as he will be around the whole day. I become instantly upset when I hear his car come in on weekdays. I just hate the sight of him. An over powering barbarian. I curse him to rot in hell. Waiting for my kids to grow up and be stable in life and then I will leave this hell I call home and this dictator for good. If the Almighty is listening to me right now.... Please hear my plea and set me free. 😪😓😓😫😨😡😖😤
Greatscorpion Greatscorpion
Sep 2, 2014