Last Night...

I went to her apartment to get the very last of my things. She had bought me a Mocha from Starbucks. (My favorite.) We had a great conversation that abrubtly ended with me on the verge of tears saying, "Let's get those things in my car." She helped me box up the last of my books and one book fell out. I picked it up and she asked, "What is that?" I explained, "It's Immortal Poems of the English Language. I've had it since I was about 14. You can tell which poems are my favorite by the way the book falls open to the page." She looked at the book. The edges of the pages are yellowing, the cover (paper back) is nearly falling off. I had her turn to the page of a poem I knew and I would have her read it as I recited it from memory. The poems I loved I read so many times times that I memorized them. She asked, "Why didn't you ever read poetry to me?" I think my mouth fell open. We had discussed poetry many times. She said she didn't get poetry. It didn't make any sense. "I tried.." I started to explain but she knew. "Man, I was such a fool!" she said. I touched her hand and said, "Well, now that we both know that you enjoy it, maybe I will."

After the car was loaded there was nothing left inside the apartment that belong to me. We hugged for a long time. I put my cold nose against her warm kneck. We pulled back and kissed. Then she kissed me again and with more force. "I have coffee breath!" I protested. "I don't care. I do too." she said. We made out like 2 horny teenagers beside my car for a long time. I forgot where I was, forgot that I was cold, and just kissed her. My knees seriously trembled! When we finally came up for air, I had a fistful of the front of her hoodie in one had and her breast in the other. Both of her arms rested on my shoulders. The coldness hit me again and I said, "I have to go." She gave me a small kiss, gentle kiss on the lips and said, "I know."

I drove home reciting Edgar Allan Poe's Annabelle Lee and randier than a sailor on 3 day shore leave! At my age, it has to be a pretty damn good kiss to make that kind of impression on me! I'm in the fog of it today. Remembering the feeling in my stomach and smiling at my desk. I scribbled hald of Tennyson's Break, Break Break in my notebook during a meeting this morning....

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listen to "Real Love" by Michael Mcdonald beautiful song

That is a beautiful story about the kiss by the car it reminded me of a time when I was with my first love he held me tight and we kissed out in the cold it was after a blizzard and he came to pick me up in his truck and we kissed in front of my place and then we piled in the truck it was kool to see him get out and adjust the trucks wheels it had something to do with the 4w drive don't know but it made me feel good that he knew what was going on and he could fix things like my heart. I loved Bobby so much he was the best.Later that evening we drove around and went for chinese and brought it back to his house where there was a nice fireplace going and a nice warm quilt. That was the best times of my life he always knew how to open me up and make me feel good about myself. I miss that so much and I miss him so much. He broke up with me shortly after no calls, no nothing after all the love letters and hand holding and poems etc roses etc. He said to me 22 years later that he was immature and young I said I was too but I knew what I wanted and that was him by my side forever. I hope you don't have my story and you reconcile your differences that kind of love is hard to come by. Bella

Ah! It's like a drug! I want more!

It was such a hot kiss! *swoon* I'm not discounting her as a courting posibility. ;) I haven't kissed like that since..... longer than I care to admit!