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Such A Difference...

Having that person that you are so completely comfortable with, that person that literally puts a smile on your face because you know they are truly your support.

That person that is your rock.

But is also your lover.

It's an amazing feeling. Everyone truly deserves this. Everyone.
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I hope and pray everyone gets this in their life sometime.

There is NOTHING better in the world. It makes all the difference in life - starting from such a divine foundation. Losing it is literally debilitating and makes one sorrowfully off center and spiritually off balance.

I couldn't agree more, sweetie...I am so happy that you are experiencing it. There's nothing quite like waking up next to your very best friend. *sigh* I remember! I agree with you, everyone should know what that feels like and I am so glad that you have found it, Angel girl. *Hugs&Love* ♥