I Want...

I want to cuddle up beside you on the couch and tell you about my day, let you tell me about yours.

I want to watch movies with you and play video games with you and be a complete goofball with you.

I want to have pillow-fights and tickle-fights and wrestle around on the floor like puppies; then kiss you long and slow, make love with you in every room in every way.

I want to lay still and listen to your heart beat.

I want to map out every inch of your skin with my fingertips and tongue, memorize every taste and texture, every bend and dip and shape and angle.

I want you to be mine completely, and I want to be yours just as completely.

I want to wrap myself up in your clothes or bury my face in your pillow and just inhale the scent of you.

I want to wrap my arms around you and cling like I never plan to let go.

I want to hold your hand in public, show you off.

I want to tell you my every longing and secret and belief and hear yours in return, each of us knowing that nothing we say will make the other love us less.      

I want to snuggle myself as close as I possibly can to you, entwine my legs with yours, and listen to the wind howl on a cold winter night, knowing I am safe and warm.

I want to come to you with my tears, feel your fingers gently wipe them away, feel your arms around me. I want to be there for you if you ever need the same comforts.

I want to love, and to know that I am loved.

I want to know who you are, and where you are, and when we will finally meet.  
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i FEEL THE SAME!! like.... WHERE iS HE? :(

oh Feather. How nice that sounds. Gosh. Woe is Glen. I am Glen. 51 and married I must confess. I suffer from depression and poverty and mostly lack of love. How I yearn to find someone just as a friend who will dry my tears as I will hopefully dry her tears too. I would love to be friends and hope to hear from you. feel free to message me. Even though I am 51 I still feel I would be an awsome friend. GLEN

I absolutely love this!!! I am married and I don't feel this way about my husband. He is not a good listener and when he does listen he is judgemental. I had a man like this once....but i had to let him go. This bring memories. Thank you for sharing.

@ CynicalDreamer: Yup...I hope it's not so rare that I can't find it eventually...or at least something just as satisfying. <br />
<br />
@ usaboo4: Thanks for commenting, and welcome to EP! Sure, I imagine cheaters and weirdos and all manner of net predators are lurking around trying to find people; the key may be to simply not use this site for romance. I haven't up 'til now, and wouldn't unless I got to know someone for quite a long time first, and in 2 years here I haven't had my heart broken or any particularly nasty surprises about people or anything. Just be careful and I'm sure you can find plenty of good things about EP.

sounds perfect to me, and definitely a rarity.

Very well I shall compromise Movies AND anime it is :P

Ah yes, anime too. Can't believe I didn't put that, lol. Movies AND anime, that's the best.

T_T That's exactly how I feel. Except I would change "watch movies with you" to "watch anime with you" :P

This sounds like alot of fun,I would like to have someone in my life that I could do those things with.

You've put into words something that is so profound, something that many of us still seek.

Well obviously I'm focusing more on the lover aspect here, lol. I want to be with someone forever, a soulmate, who's also my best friend by extension. I don't just want to make out with any random best friend, lol.