Lover And Friend

I want a guy who shares my interests and passions.
a soul mate who wants to do things with me,
share experiences.
to be the "other half " of me.

Some one I can trust completely,
whom I can confide in, and be myself,
no pretense,
Someone who doesn't want to rule or control me,
who just wants to be equal.
someone who knows what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling ,
as well as I know them.
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15 Responses Dec 12, 2011

Me too.


u know i loved a guy but he always rules over me.... i broke up wid him . nd now he z so shameless that the nxt day he proposed another gal .......... i told everything to my bst frnd .. he told me that he loves me ...... truly though m on a trial relatn wid my bst frnd bt i love the way he understands me...... he dnt rule me gives equal important to his family nd me.....

i think i've found mine but he is my best friend.... has been since we were 3-4 years old.... im 16 now....

Good for you I wish you all the luck in the world

thank you <3

I know who my soulmate is. We both confirmed it. We talk EVERYDAY, yet we still aren't together as we have things in our lives to straighten out before that is possible. I am really looking forward to the first day of the rest of our lives together. Waiting for that day Is HARD too! :(

You are very lucky to have found one another
best of luck to you both

I sometimes wonder if it is harder knowing who it is but not being able to be together or if you are just wandering around freely looking.

Totally agree with that...

I had this once, a long time ago and miss it a lot! Now I am stuck in a lonely marriage. Don't settle till you find it, we all deserve to be cherished and should be married to our best friend.

Best wishes on your journey.

Than you

goodluck <3

I hope you find this. I have looked for 47 years and have yet to find it. Some deception always seems to enter the picture one way or another. I thought I had it but after a while when I would speak of my hopes and dreams, then came the "you dont love me" accusations. If i would speak of my goals and needs then it was "grow up". I just dont know anymore. I still HOPE its out there somewhere but at the same time I dont EXPECT to ever find it :-(

I can't promise a lot of things maybe because i am human but i do know for such that if i am your man i will love you just the way you are, open my heart for you and i won't control you, for i know what people can do for freedom.

Thank you

Now this doesnt seem like too much to ask for, even from Santa!

I know you would not think it was

OMG, thats what i am looking for in a woman. accepts me as my am and gets me ! well said !

Thank you

OOh very true....and not easy to find one too... :)

So true

Tht gud. But soul mate is really challenging. Neverthless choice is what really matter.

Yes it is - Thank you

Good luck on that! I'm longing for such a partner all my life, <br />
but I have nice friends to compensate that.

Good luck also - But we also make our own luck

I'm married since 27 years, I think nothing will change. ;-)