Opposites Attract And Like Repels

Opposites attract. This is an old stock cliché. But guess what? It contains a lot of truth. We humans tend to see in others the desirable traits we lack in ourselves. We instinctively sense that if we can only attach ourselves to those admired by others we may develop some of the same beneficial qualities ourselves.

People are different. That is not a surprise. One may had never met anyone who could get more done in a day with the other. What most of the women do not know is the extent of the men’s agenda and how hard it would put bounds on work. One may admire the spontaneity of the other; however, what the guy would not know is how frustrating a girl could be when she wanted to overturn his carefully laid out plans at the last minute. And so many other quite annoying differences would always bring about later on in a relationship.

Having something in common is a good foundation in any relationship, assuring compatibility and understanding of each other’s character. However, being the exact opposite of somebody in some aspects can actually pull you together. You can enhance and complete each other’s shortcomings on a certain attribute if you are his total opposite on that aspect. Understanding, patience, and giving are still some of the most important qualities that have to be present in every relationship, but complementing each other’s flaws is one trait that is sure to be very effective.

The subject here is coming to appreciate the distinctive qualities of our partner. Would we really want another person to be just like us? Someone has said that if two people agree on everything, one of them is not necessary. Each brings his or her unique strengths to a relationship. The key to a happy partnership between two opposites is learning to value – perhaps even celebrate – each other’s qualities.

Just something I wanted to share.
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1 Response Apr 20, 2012

I have always waited to become friends then good friends before any emotional attachment could begin.

I think it is very important to become friends first too and discover if we like that person. I also point it her just because a lot of time in relationships whe try to change each other instead of appreciating the unique characteristics everyone brings to the relationship.