My Best Friend

I once shared a year with a person who was, indeed my best friend. We shared every moment that we could. We made love with a passion that was beyond compare. we Talked into the wee hours, we danced, we made stir-fry at three in the morning and ate it before going to work after a walk in the woods just to watch the sun rise. I f we were not intellectual equals, it was because her IQ was higher than mine. I loved her. GOD, I loved her. but I didn't tell her that often enough and lost her.
Later...several decades later I re-connected with her and discovered that there was much more to her than she was allowing me to see at the time when we spent our year together. I am sorry for not discovering that.
The year I spent with my best friend/lover is the best year of my life. It will never be relived. It is superlative.
If your lover is your best friend; do everything you can to preserve that!
there is nothing better.
I wish you well.
brokerichard brokerichard 56-60, M 4 Responses May 8, 2012

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Nicely done, and well said.


this is touching and powerful. thank you.

Thank you for reading it...I am honored.

ok will do but still waiting for her to show up. I dont think my life is gona be long enough tho.

so happy that you were blessed with that love of a year that will be in your heart forever.<br />
the best lover of my life was my best friend we were real together, we had such a love, I will love and miss him till the day I die. But won't trade the time with him for anything.

I believe you understand the emotion I was trying to convey, completely...thank you for your comments!


Thank you...I'm glad I could evoke some emotion

no thank you....a smile on my face from the memory you helped to bring to mind..May you be blessed always

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