My Husband Admits He Is Lazey And Doesn't Care.

My husband works continental shifts and is always tired. He hardly does anything around the house and when he does he ******* and complains. He starts a job and never finishes it and leaves the tools and supplies where the project is. He is starting to talk abusive to me when I ask him to do anything or he just says No.....I have been with him for 25yrs and it it's getting worse. I want to start a photography business in my home but it's such a mess I can't have customers in a house that has electrical wires hanging...cracks in the ceiling...mold in the bathrooms. I'm tired of complaining and I can't afford to pay someone to fix all the problems. The last time I complained he just said "I'm with it" I think I want to's just too much.
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2 Responses May 26, 2012

I work 40 hrs away from home and do all the laundry and cleaning and take care of my aging parents. I am starting my photography business and taking night school classes. I'm not asking my husband to do the house work....mowing the lawn and picking up his tools would be a start. Oh and he is an electrician. He admits he is lazy as he sits drinking beer and watching sports. I don't want to spend the rest of my life with someone who would rather just sit around and do nothing. I am a very out going person who is busy most of the time....I just don't see this changing.

If you leave, do you have the means to support yourself? How much money do you realistically believe you can make taking pictures if you start your own business during a Recession? Does he support you financially working all these hours? What if he stayed home and you worked 'continental' hours? If you 'can't afford to pay someone to fix the problems', how are you going to afford your own rent or mortgage, your electric bill, your gas bill, your water and sewage bill, your phone bill, your car payment, your car insurance, your hair appointments, your doctors appointments, your Internet service, your groceries, gas for your car, etc.? I guess my question is, who is taking who for granted here? Is your house otherwise spotless with the exception of a few dangling wires; you spending at least ten to twelve hours a day at least four days a week physically working non-stop the entire time to keep the house clean, as you would if you were a hired housekeeper and it was your 'job'? Are your bathrooms and kitchen and floors sterile-clean 24/7? Is there never a shred of dirty laundry in your home because you stay that on top of it, doing laundry every single day to keep the hamper empty? When was the last time you cleaned your oven, or wiped down the entire inside of your fridge and microwave? Daily? Do you clean your bathroom mirrors and shower every single day? If not, I'd consider YOU to be lazy, if you don't work at least 40 hours away from home, and even if you do. Some people do manage to pull all that off, you know.