We've Been Together For Almost 1 Year And 8 Months

She is my pride and joy. She is my reason for living. Before i met her i didnt know where my life was heading, everything was just awful. But than i met her, and in that instant my whole life changed.
Over this time she has become my bestfriend, my lover, my world.
She is the best thing to ever happen to me and no body else in the world could ever make me this happy. To me she is the most beautiful girl ever and i plan to marry her and live the rest of my life together. I am 15, and i plan on living a long life with her. I am so madly in love. She is just everything i could have ever asked for in a girl. Shes smart, funny, beautiful, sweet, and everything anyone could ever want.
I feel like im the luckiest guy ever to have her. She is way too good for me but im so glad shes mine, i dont deserve her. But i try my hardest and try to keep her as happy as she makes me.
11/11/10 will last forever, and i will make sure of it.
Alexis, I will always love you
devinborne101 devinborne101
18-21, M
Jul 7, 2012