My Love

My beloved friend

I wanted to give you a gift and after searching that I could please you

Found nothing own. And I just am wondering.

I can give you?

I can give you my friend

If anything I have

Give my life to God

And you love that he gave me

I seal with fire

To change you gave me your love

I gave you the essence of that love

Keep in my heart

Why my beloved friend

Nothing I have nothing I give

What you're seeing now

Even if you do not want to believe

I am a reflection of your soul

Thee, and from that

So it is that my beloved friend

Anything you can give

Hold still I've been to something

is that you'll like

you see this huge smile

is happiness

have you for friend

Thank you for your friendship

author dawn of the Hummingbird

with love for you for you and for you

my friends loved your friendship

It makes me happy.

Have this new year

Many smiles of happiness

Product of the affection of his friends.

From my heart I say to each of you

I love you my friend,
sayedhadhood sayedhadhood
61-65, M
Jan 3, 2013