Stolen Moments

Like all relationships mine is not perfect. We work on it. Go through our ups and downs. I get frustrated. He gets frustrated. We distance ourselves but then we grow closer. And it seems that every time we grow closer its from a stolen moment. The early morning coffees snuggling in bed. Talking about nonsense. Joking and laughing. Seeing who can make the other smile first. The times we lock the door and hide from the world. Listening to music. Acting like kids again. Chatting away while taking a bath. Long drives to a hidden place. Sometimes he does all the talking and sometimes I do. Moments of acknowledgment and understanding. Sharing and simply spending time together. Stolen moments that I've never shared with anyone else before. Stolen moments with my best friend, my lover.
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i love what you wrote

this put a smile on my face :)

Those stolen moments add up to a wonderful life! Keep stealing them! LOL

I am so happy for you and envious at the same time. :) Yes, I agree that we create these moments but the first thing is finding the right person with whom to share these moments - now that's not easy. If you find the one, what happens next just follows spontaneously and effortlessly. Best of luck. I hope your relationship last a long time to come. :)

Thank you. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. ;)

I love to read stories like this, you deserve all this happiness

thank you

This is sooo AWESOME to read, cause a lot of those happy stolen moments can add up too and make for a happy life..... I think we appreciate the good times a lot more when we go thru and make it past the harder ones....The contrast sort of gives us goals to work towards.... A lover who is also your best friend is the only way to go...♥ *happy sniff*

So very true my friend. You do tend to appreciate so much more when you've been through tough times. It's gets right deep down into your heart. Even the smallest of things. And causes you to be so much more willing to compromise, to forgive and to do what you can to melt their heart in the same way they have melted yours. To love in the true sense of the word. :)

It's that deep appreciation that keeps partners paying close attention to hanging onto it too.....Melting each others hearts is one darn fine hobby in any relationship!! I am so happy for BOTH of you!! ♥

This is really sweat. I'm glad that you have found happiness with someone.

Thank you! Although I'm learning happiness isn't simply found. It's created and appreciating that creation. ;)

It was interesting reading your transition into readiness for such a thing and I am truly happy for you. Is it the same man from months back?

That would be him. ;) I believe I have posted two other stories about him. Not sure it's been awhile since I have been able to come to EP for a visit.

Yes, I read them and you told me some stuff in PM. My comments most likely are not there anymore though, because I deleted the account, but I did comment back then.

That is too cool by the way, because from what you shared he seems like an awesome guy.

(Blush) LOL yea he's pretty awesome. He's even better with my daughter. Just for that reason alone I think I will keep him for a little while :D Lol

Yep, that is a deal maker or break for sure. I know from experience, if the kids do not get along with the guy, no matter how much you like him, it's not going to work. The teens will make sure of that, my oldest sure did.

Absolutely agree. Both my guy and I were very conscientious of that and careful. He has two boys as well. The boys worship my daughter. Which boosts her ego. She takes that role rather seriously. She smiles and says she always wanted little brothers. And they play that role rather well too. Lol it's odd how naturally they have take too each other. I think the boys like seeing Dad happy and my daughter likes seeing me happy. It's been a long road for all of us. Still a long road to go. But we are well on the way. :)

Wow, wow. This is so heartwarming to read. Thank you for sharing it with such wonderful feelings. I wish you guys the best. It is not always easy to blend two families into one and you sound like the two of you have done a great job in doing so.

Thank you:) I grew up in a blended family myself. The man who raised me was my hero. My Dad. My hero. But not my father. It truly warms my heart to see my own daughter respond to my guy in much the same way I did with my Dad. :)

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