Stupid Cupid.

Ugh. Blah. Those two words sum up how my heart feels. I haven't been in a romantic situation in a long time. Now tht doesn't mean tht I wasn't in a relationship, but I was in one where I wasn't very happy. We had happy moments, happy days and times, but we never could find stability. But, we do have a a connection, one tht I am not sure that I want to let go. He is a friend, we can hang out and have fun and do silly things together. We can spend our days drowning in laughter, those are the times I miss the most. *sigh* but when it comes to the lover part, he kind of sucks. It's not abt sex, or the way he looks or anything like tht, it's abt his actions and his wondering eye. If he could just be happy w/ me, he would be as close to perfect as any human could be.

Now I think to myself sometimes, am I delusional abt love? Do I owe Cupid money or something because I haven't had the best of luck when it comes to love and relationships. =/ I just want a relationship tht is full of love and happiness and growth, love shouldn't bring you down or make you feel like crap. i want a friend, a real friend in my lover, i want passion, i want romance, i want excitement. . .

All of tht is possible, right?
beautifulSTORM beautifulSTORM
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013