A Guy Version Of Myself :)

i want to meet that guy version of myself. you know, get to know someone who is exactly the same as you in many aspects -- and you only differ in gender. it's like finally meeting your best friend for life and your soul mate. in life, you know you've won a prize when you get to have that someone who's your best pal and your soul mate too. having to know someone who accepts the whole of you is just so perfect. imagine that feeling. :) i wish all of us gets to meet our lifetime best friend. our lifetime best pal. the person destined to stay with us until the end. i want us all to end up happy and contented. :) all of us deserves to be understood fully by that one, most important person meant for us. :)
ErinValcourt ErinValcourt
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

super written, thanks!

glad you liked it! :)

yeah, I like it so much, so plaint and undetsndable post :) Hope you will meet the guy who will be the second version of you, Erin :)

I was looking through my old stories and found this. Hey, I think I found the guy version of myself. :)