Skype Love

Im from SouthAmerica and live here, He Lives and were born in USA, I met him one day online after I tried so hard to find someone cool to talk on skype to practice my english. Had been a looong day, and night, so I was tired close to give up with my search I put on chat place "Skype?" and I had all this responses like 10 - 15 there were too many, I took eachone and without know everybody,iI gave My Skype.

I BEFORE THIS 15 ppl (aprox) I was been talking to nice guys I already knew old chat friends, but they to be honest were not my type and kind of ugly. I was tired of talking to this "just nice attitude guys" and talk to a actually PRETTY ONE.

Thats when this 15 Hits up came in on skype, Everybody who hitted me up added me, and I acepted. I was checking and accepting request when I saw him.
AS a first look I wasnt impresed by his pic, (pics on skype are small) and he look just nice more nice than other old friends but still ...nice. So I quickly asked him (as tooo all guys i was talkin at the same time ) if he could cam,but nothin dirty cause I dont like it. He said yes of course.

And thats when the Magic Begun....Oh my! Oh My!. Have you ever heard about love at first sight and ppl unspeachless, been breathless, Time stopping? I thought it was bull ****, I allways thaught "how corny is that?". But God I was so wrong, It is COM-PLET-LY TRUE. My heart was racing so fast that I hardly could breath with that beautiful guy on my laptops screen. I was so shocked that I couldnt move , not kidding not over react, I was stiff as a rock.

So I looked like an idiot in front of the laptop when my...
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Jan 26, 2013