I Miss My Best Friend....The One Who Knows Me Like No Other....

Heard this song today....reminded me of what is important to me in life......There has only been one person in my life who knows me better than I know myself....Time and circumstances changed everything and it somehow slipped away all those years ago....I knew I could always be me in their presence.....just me.....and they would love me anyway.....there was no judgement....no disappointment in me..... no expectations....just love and respect. As time goes on we tend to lose who we really are in life....for me I know I miss my best friend, our hours of talking about everythig and anything....the love we shared....it is the only time I can honestly say I felt I was loved for just being me.....

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you wrote: "As time goes on we tend to lose who we really are in life.."

I want to think about that. Do we really lose who we are? I am not so sure.

Can't say much more than that. I get shy around the outstanding sexy-***-brainy types, believe or not.

I understand 100%


Only one who has felt these emotions can truly understand the profound closeness one shares with their best friend....

Mine is gone and can't come back. It's like I have a hole in my heart shaped like him. He understands me when I don't even understand me. To say I miss him is an understatement.

I know..you can't imagine your life without him in it.....I think about the choices....what would be better.... the little time they were there beside you and losing them....or never have known them at all and not feel that pain.....my choice......every minute of pain was worth it...

Ah...you are a Libra.....we have very big hearts......

Yes! You are exactly right. We're sad but we're still lucky to have felt something so intensely and so beautiful. I don't think everyone experiences that in their lifetime.

I recently told someone very dear to me....to have experienced this once when people go through their entire lifetimes never having felt this is so precious. I will never regret that time in my life because I know it was a gift. In many way it sets the bar...you know just how good it can be and for the rest of time you are seaching for those tears of joy..

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