Okay let me start by saying I'm 19 and I am in a relationship with a beautiful girl who is 17. We live on the same block and have been dating two weeks after met a year ago. We've had such a great time getting to know eachother over this past year and she honestly is the love of my life and I'm her's... I know this because she puts up with all the crap I put her through.

Right now I'm going thru depression. My mother has left me alone to move in with a guy she's known for maybe a year and half. So I'm stuck living with a friend from highschools dad. In the basement. I have a minimum wage job I go to school and I pay rent. My phone bill and usually buy whatever else I need. So most of the time I'm living week to week. Okay so me and my mom were never close which is one reason why I didn't move in with her and her boyfriend. But me and her not being close through out my childhood has caused issues with my relationship. I am far more attached to this girl than I should be. I get way to jealous and I have trust issues. Not only that but when were together I want to just hold her and tell her how much I love her and cherish every moment I have with her, but as soon as I see her I get annoyed and I have no idea why. Like sometimes it's worse than other and sometimes this doesn't happen at all. Also I get really upset with anything she says I can't even take a joke anymore with her and then it'll get us fighting. All I want to do is bring the love back into my relationship before I mess things up. How do I go back to how I was when we met? And how do I stop worrying about if she's having fun and just have fun myself with her??? Please serious answers only
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I'm a 16 year old Canadian girl who has been through what ur going through so I will give u a serious answer but I'll answer with a question...why do u want to date ur best friend? There's many reasons, for me it was the fact that I can him anything and that I can trust him. We always hanged out and talked like all the time. I believe that and still believe that girls has a way of helping and giving good advice to their best friends. Am I right? I bet u guys can talk for hours and tell each other everything. It's kinda of funny cuz guys has a pretty good way of giving good advice too aha so I think instead of over reacting and thinking too much, talk to her and ask for advice. If she is ur best friend then she'll give u advice cuz that's what friends are for and now ur guys r dating...now u guys can go to a whole new level of trust and commitment. And if this doesn't work then do something spontaneous lol do something that will take her breathe away lol for an example..idk how u guys meet but again for an example..if u guys meet on the beach then go for a walk on the beach or go to the place where this all got started and tell her how u feel and how much u love her.

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