I fear I'll be single forever
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22-25, F
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People stay single forever ....to avoid the heartache relationships cause. I might decide to be single....forever

You dont have to fear.

You are young. Trust me, it is good to just enjoy learning who you are first and love will find you. You will attract love by being insanely in love with yourself first. Guys cannot resist vibrant, radiant, confident women.

We can change that right now.

Hahah jk! Everything I wanted to say is said so just read the past comments & and have a wonderful day! 😉👍

you will find your soul mate patience

I used to feel the same way then I rushed into a relationship I regretted. I also regretted feeling what u feel now

I love you

I've always thought this until I met my boyfriend trust me there's someone out there for you <3

Same here. I hope we both find someone though I have never even had a relationship but I believe still time for us :)

Here here! but we're still young! I rushed into two relationships because i was desperate! One was certifiable, and the other now makes a better woman than I! Haha! Bless him though, he was a funny chap! Anywho! Enjoy your current freedom! And don't worry! There's millions of us! We're very overstocked with ourselves! If i can find somebody, so can you (trust me! I'm a class 5 weirdo!) just give it TIME and learn to know the guy/gal! Cheers and good luck!!

Welcome to my life

Divorce rate is high.