My best friend Caroline and I share absolutely everything, yes even a boyfriend just over a year ago! We know exactly how the other feels, and contact each other just at the right time! It's uncanny sometimes!

Yes, we have some lesbian fun together. It's essential.

I'd like to find a man who I'd like Caroline, to have that reliance on him, met always, and to share my very existence with him. But, where do you find guys like this?
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It's difficult but you'll find a guy. Really hope you do :)

i think it's quite difficult...i have a best friend while ago, that's later become my girlfriend. But at the end it's not turn out really well...

sorry i am already booked

They are out there somewhere. It is hard to find someone exactly as you want. You could start getting to know some guys and tell them what you expect and really want when you feel things go well.

well as you say you want a best friend wrll look for that first your concentrating on the boyfriend first switch that and u never know it could even be me

If you like her that much and your sexually attracted to her and her to you why look for someone else at all and not just be with her?

awesome.....tell us about your experiences with Caroline...Please