I don't want to just meet someone I am attracted to and be in a relationship with them right away. I want to get to know the person and be friends with them first. Why? Because you are yourself completely around your friends and you tend to express yourself more freely around them
without the pressure of having to impress them. They accept you as who you are. So before someone becomes a lover you have to know who the person is when they are being their complete self.
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That is so true ♡

It is worth the wait I was and am best mates with my bf took us 11 years hang in there?

Alright thank you I'll try hanging in there :)

What if he just continues seeing as just a friend? It's sometimes dangerous when u start as friendship because he/she might just continue seeing as that.. speaking from experience..

Yeah I agree with that but I also feel that maybe you can start to create attraction between you two when you are ready to get into a relationship.

friendship between man and woman goes into a relationship

That's true

starts as friends continues as lovers

But is it possible that sometimes it doesn't continue as lovers? Or do you feel that any friendship is based on a future possible relationship? It's a tough question I know.

Just like someone's quote "most relationships starts with friendships!"

I agree!

Unless believe in love at first sight then that's different

I feel like I'll believe it when it happens because right now I can't wrap my head around loving someone at first sight.

I do too. Haha that's true.

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