I want to meet a girl who loves me for who I am and doesn't care what anyone thinks. I want a girl who isn't scared to be herself. I want a girl to love who loves me in return.... But thoughs things are hard to find. Especially if your afraid to show someone who you are and come out to the world and say " I like woman and I'm proud if it." Maybe if I can get over that fear I can find that one person who makes my like worth while. Maybe, just maybe...
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Gud luck.. Just live ur life now.. U will be amazed how things will turn out..

At your age, it might be hard to find other lesbian/bi girls to take a stand like that and really mean it. Many are still confused or unsure. Some are only doing it as a trend or for fun, but won't be the types you can "settle down" with. You are young and still have much time to find that person.

Maybe start by loving yourself, accepting yourself, knowing yourself as intimately as possible, then allow that love to attract a love that is equally as strong & beautiful. (Not sure, just my perspective...Just some advice I really believe & wish I'd had at your age...)
Best of luck to you, confusedandcomplicated5. Love is out there - don't give up!

Thank you so much

Hey - she will come. Just don't look....