Im in relationship w/c i considered such a damn so lame...due to culture differences i've to accept that we cant be together & our expiration time may comes..but for now i really dont want to lose him..( im that stupid & i knew it )...😞
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Live in the moment, dear. And pour your heart out!

Thats what im doing right now..😞

I know it's hard and seems hopeless. But I can honestly tell you that you are at the hardest point... You just have to get through with baby steps ✊

Yep...u r correct...but im pretty sure that i can get over this as our relationship runs 4 bout just a couple of months now in d process of sorting out & yeah,maybe one of this days im brave enough to let him go.πŸ˜’

You are allowed to take as long as you want. Heart doesn't take orders unfortunately. Dwell in your sorrow until you empty your tear reservoir out to make space for a different kind of emotion. Find some one who's going through the same thing.

Thats the essence of LOVE i guess..their is no love when their is no pain.but the thing is whether u like it or not u should face d reality...


Do you like movies? I just recently watched p.s. I love you... Sometimes cry-alongs help me

Hehe...i do like to watch movies coz im a movie seems like uve been through in this kind of situation also...r u?

Yeah... I know that everyone could say they have but, i know that some of the relationships that we have had take chunk of our heart that's a little bigger and harder to fill out, therefore we get scarred for life. Trust me it gets easier.
Meanwhile, distract yourself with some movies!

Surely i'll....thanks 4 d those amazing thoughts & advices...i know i'll be fine...just it takes time ☺️

Oops addressed that last one to myself lol

Awesome! Drop me a line here and there, I'd love to hear from you Hun :)

Hahaha...there u go πŸ˜„

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I had the same