I really need someone to talk to
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16-17, F
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I know how you feel. You can talk to me if you want. I'll try and help.



anyone's fukking. ?

Don't swear.

i don't know fukking means, what is this. ?

Is this a joke? No offence if it isn't.

i don't know English little some, my mother young telugu

Ah, sorry. That word is another word for sex exept it is a ruder version. But you didn't know so it's ok. No worries.

oh shut sorry sorry, some one ep people are told me, so same thing maybe saying

Don't worry.

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inbox me

I can talk with you I don't mind

How can I help you

really am here

I need someone to talk to and understand

Yeah you could talk to me

What's going on be not much

Message me

Hi. I am glad there are people that dislikes clothes like I do. To be free wonderful thing

You should message me and we can trade nudes if you want

Sounds good big breasted. Is there a place to be private to write

i do too

Ok me too

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You could talk to me

You sound like you got a good head on your shoulders. When I am around the house I just wear t shirt. Nothing else it nice to feel fre e and loose. Life is to short. Live for the moment. Do crazy so u can look back. And can't. Believe how wild u r

I am not your age. But it seems you are going there a lot. When I was your age. I hung by myself. No one liked me didn't want to talk I know it's hard but take deep breathes maybe ask them what's wrong. Try to work it. Our find better friends

I'm like that.

It someone lose if they don't want to know you you are wonderful. Kind. Person. Just keep telling your self. Keep on smiling. Think nice thoughts something funny. Someone has said or something you done. Just laugh. Laugh it's the best medicine

Thanks. You have a brilliant way with words!

Don't mean to make you uncomfortable

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