I had that but everything happens for a reason ...
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I had that too and I lost it. Idk who's fault it was. Cus the fingers could easily be pointed at her and at me, but either way, it is gone and I wish it had never happened... it kills me every day :(

My lover passed its hard

Oh damn. My deepest condolences :(
Mine wasn't that intense. Mine slept with my male best friend. But only did so after I "abandoned" her (long story) and well yeah, hurts like a ***** cus I was wanting her back. But I just found out who my real friends were I guess.
As for you, I hope you heal. That is very intense. I know no one will replace your lover, but I hope you can find someone else for you that is just as good. Much love.

This pretty much sums it up: "We all want a best friend we can have sex with" << perfect relationship

No just a bestfriend no sex

That quote was referring to romantic relationships :)

Ohhh i see my bad

so what did we do. . lets start love


but i want, i fax fax fax fixed.

We all do. There is nothing more fun in life.
Keep yourself open to that person, don't waste time on would be, could be's. If you don't feel it within 4-6 months it's not meant to be, at least not then.

sorry, already i have 5 girlfriend. . . 6 please is free you want

Me too just a girlfriend instead