It's Good to Dream

Ii dream of this man

who I don't have to tell anything to

he instinctively knows

I don't have to explain my ins and outs

as he trust me

he is loyal and honest and fair

he is witty and lovable

and desirable

he is all knowing he can talk for hours about nothing much and everything important

he is able, keen, willing, open

he has manners he is courteous

he is even tempered

he is not stubborn

he is deep

he is spiritual

he is understanding

he is nowhere to be found!!!!


thehippy thehippy
41-45, F
10 Responses Apr 4, 2009

lol why are you lost?

thats how these things work!

I consider myself extremely lucky. I had to go through two before he just "popped" into my life when I wasn't looking :).

awww cntryloner i hate to say this but i think you may be right!. But consider yourself lucky you found one, cos he sure was one in a million!

I had that man until he passed and the chances of finding another one "in my eyes" would be next to impossible :(.

hmmmm so let me get this right, there is no such person. is that what your saying i must get it all from different people?... but what if im a solitary creature that has no friends and just wants the one. Im at a bit of a loss here..are you saying i should 'compromise'!!!!!?

Identitytwo, that is an awesome answer! My friend was telling me one day that I wasn't suppose to have feelings for a friend, because then it will make everything complicated. I think she meant more then what she said. Because now that i look back, I can pinpoint evidence of where this may be true. If you lose your lover, you lose your friendship, and ally. <br />
But if you can plan your strategy correctly, who says you can't have multiple people playing each role?

I believe we all need a friend, an ally, and a lover. I further believe that these roles can't not be filled by the same individuals, that in various circumstances the roles would conflict.<br />
Your ally always 'has your back', but your friend will be direct an honest with you. And your lover, would be apart of an 'us' perspective, you are sharing the circumstances and resulting experiences, if you make a wrong turn your lover is lost with you. <br />
Being divorced myself, I wouldn't recommend trying to combine these roles.

Keep dreaming and I will, too. I know there are good guys out there. Just not in MY neighborhood lol!

whew,, gasp,, ya count me in,, john in colo