I'm So Glad Your With Me

I so want to find the perfect woman for me , one that I miss when she's not there and cherish always . She'd be my pal to have fun with and tell all my secrets to . We can share lifes joys and sorrows and build each other up , cheer and comfort each other . We could be happy together and during the tough times we'd still know that we love one another . We say " I love you " with a look and a touch which happens often and every time we do , we mean it to the very deepest part of ourselves . If we have a fight , we can't wait to make up and make it alright . We draw attention in publc because of the way we laugh and goof around ; and people who are alone watch us and wish they could be like us , and we will smile and wave hello to the lonely because we know how they feel and hope that some day , they will be like us , too .

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This is the perfect form of romantic relationship! I met my partner, and we became best friends first and foremost. Then the "benefits" came into the relationship, and we learned how compatible we were with each other at that level as well. And we had both just come out of awful relationships, and we were both dead-set against the idea of getting into another relationship. We became roommates, but we agreed it was just as best buds and ****-buddies, nothing more. but within 3 months, I knew I had fallen hopelessly in love! Took her a bit longer, but she came to accept it as well. Then, 13 months after we first met, I asked if I could be her husband and spend the rest of my life with her...and she agreed! But we are still best friends above all else!
This will be my second marriage, and her third, but we are both certain this is the ONE!

I am so glad I married my childhood sweetheart. We dated all through high school and we got married after graduation when I was 17 and he was 18. We openly share our beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. We seldom disagree and argue. We love to kiss in public and do not mind others watching us. Kissing is such a turn on. When we say we love each other we really mean it in our hearts and not with our minds. Neither of us have ever strayed and do not need to because we compliment each other sexually.

I want to be in a relationship like this....I too hope you find her and that she finds you.

you will find her - she is out there.

I love this !

why did i read this, i just feel more sorry for myself... but what can i say? its beautiful

I can't comment more than what the story has told. Everything which the author had written is like a scene captured into a picture. The laughs, the craziness and the dramas, the " i love you " the respect to each other and all after a disagreement. Aren't those what being together is all about.<br />

AWESOME! I know I have found that one and I will be glad if she too comments here. I love you Bren.

I am a hopless romantic...and I believe in that heart stopping love and attraction that you are talking about......I am in a very unhappy marriage.....with few options of leaving....I day dream of a best-friend and lover.....Someone to laugh at silly things....have inside jokes....enjoy just being together holding hands and walking thru the woods....or thru the mall.....my priorities have changed over the years...."things" are not as important to me as they once were......Internal happiness is much more on the top of my list....I have 2 adoring children who are almost college age....and I can hardly bare the thought of my life after they move out......Don't know why I felt the need to say these words...but you seem to understand........may you find happiness and much laughter in the days to come...... Molly

TG is on his way! :) *two thumbs up!*

LOVE IT!<br />
I so want to be "in Love" again. That feeling is a feeling beyond description for me!!<br />
I have had my share of joys, and sorrows along with everyone else and for 10 long years since my divorce have had a few proposals but just didnt feel that IN LOVE feeling on MY part....I will never give up on the wish and hope to have LOVE fall on me once again! :)

i loved your story and i wish the same she is out there some where and you deserve all you desire

Nice to know that this was written by a guy. Hope your path will soon crosses hers, the one God sends just for you...:)

they say there is someone out there for every one, you sound like a great catch, I do hope you find your soulmate.