My Husband Doesn't Seem to Care.

A week ago, I lost a baby. When we found out we had lost what would have been our 3rd child my husband didn't seem to care, almost seemed happy. I was devastated. Then a couple days after I found out there was no heart beat, I started to hemorrhage reallly bad. I was basically gushing blood. I woke my husband who then screamed at me for almost an hour that I was fine even after seeing all the blood. He refused to take me to the hospital. He made me wait for an appointment I had 4.5 hours later. When he finally was ready to take me I stood up to walk to our vehicle and collapsed. The last thing I remember before this was feeling extremely dizzy, and losing my vision. My husband while I was unconscious finally rushed me to the hospital. Luckily I came to on th way there. My husband did not seem upset that I had almost died. I was even more devastated. He seemed nervous and uneasy and left after I had been there an hour. He said he was going to home to make phone calls. Why didn't he just call from somewhere local instead of a 40 min ride home? I feel like he doesn't love me and in some way he wanted me to die. Opinions are welcome!

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

from just what you wrote your husbsand sounds scared and doesnt want to face the reality that he could have lost you and he was feeling guilt. personally, i think you need to confront him about how you feel otherwise this is just going to eat away at your relationship.