Wife Knows Everything

I told my wife that I want to get a maids out fit so I could wear it around the house while Im doing all my chores and she can watch me and she has encourged me do so. We have been looking at some outfits to get but havnt decided on which one to get yet. I also want to make sure everything matches my other stuff that I wear so we dont have to go and get everything all at once also. She will have her all of her other items by her chair that way it will be near her as needed and my shoes will be locked to my ankles so I cant get out of them either. I'll be punished if things arnt being done the way she wants them and I know I will have to continue till its to her satisfaction. She's got me kocked with things on now so I know I cant run far and if I do I will be cought easly so I have nowear to run anymore as I have my obligations to do now. I must call her mistress at all times unless other wise told and ask for permission to do anything if i need to for I also must treat her company with respect and make sure thay have refreshments or anything that is needed. :) AS IM NOW HER SISSY SLAVE
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May 17, 2012