On a lark I joined a massage exchange service on the internet, registering as a couple. Maybe a dozen guys in our area responded, but no couples. However one of the people who responded is a licensed massage therapist in a nearby town. So I told my wife about it, and after first expressing surprise that I had joined the service, she wondered why someone who gives massage as a living would want to do an exchange. I pointed out that he had listed therapeutic and "sensual" massage as the modalities he was interested in, and that he was no doubt looking for more "give back" than he gets in the office. A little daunting for her. What would she be expected to do, she asked? I assured her, this is only a massage exchange, he wasn't looking for more than the "happiness" that hands can give. He had given me a photo and because he is a practicing therapist in the area, it wasn't hard to track him down via google. He has a few very positive reviews on yelp in his practice. The photo he gave was at least 10 years old, but I found a more recent one and though the first one was cute, my wife actually liked the older more mature one. He seems like a good guy. Before we commit to the exchange we will arrange to have coffee or something in a neural place, to suss out vibes. Basic practice for people one meets on the internet.
We've enjoyed talking about what to expect. It will probably be best to start with me lying on the table. He can work on my body with her, teach her some tricks, and so forth. It will be fun to be naked with my wife and a man working on my body. The fact that he is a professional is reassuring. My wife and I love to give each other massages, but I am sure we will learn something. But it also gives us an excuse to give our bodies over to him. I am sure she will wear something very thin, cotton, and flirty. I imagine that as they work my body I will get excited, and that, should give them something to talk about, but it will be best for things not to get too "happy" for me at the beginning. Next my wife will go on the table. Our new friend again can show me some techniques. My wife is comfortable nude, so I imagine she will begin nude, if not I will be sure to slip whatever bit she has off as we work on her thighs and butt. I am looking forward to getting some massage tips while using my naked wife as a model. I am also already daydreaming about seeing her in the hands of an "open minded" professional, and watching him massage her little breasts, her thighs and watch her give herself over to pleasure as, of course, we will have to finger her to ******.
Then it will be his turn. We will both work on his body, but she understands that his "happiness" will lie in her hands.
She is getting very excited about it.
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so how did work out? plz update