doesn't every girl want that picture perfect man that will listen to you make you laugh when your down and do anything in the world for you. that man thats not jelious and can take a tear and make it a smile in seconds knows what you want well i do i want a man that likes to cuddle and play every now and then also he will hold me tight in his arms when i am scared or just because........... good luck to me
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18-21, F
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You sound like the type of woman any decent guy would just love to have in his life. Heather, if I could have found someone like you I wouldn't still be single. You deserve to have someone who you know will be there for you always.Someone like you deserves to be happy. I pray that you will find the right man with the compassion and intelligence to realize the amazing woman that he has found. It will happen for you my friend. John

thank you ((:

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You know I wish I had a girlfriend that I could trust.