It Bugs Me When...

... A boyfriend will try to see both sides of the issue and be reasonable about it. Why can't men understand that no matter if you are wrong or right you just occasionally want some back up and someone to sympathise while you vent and release those emotions. It doesnt mean you are denying any guilt and responsibility if need be but about getting rid of the anger / frustration. When I am really annoyed / upset about something I just want him to take my side while I get over it - then I'll be a grown up and decide how to handle it.  

WyldHoney WyldHoney
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When things like this come up <br />
Start off by saying I appreciate your point of view, I need to vent getting this off my chest. I know you nay want to solve or fix it, I need you just to listen and take my side of the story. <br />
When I'm ready I'll ask for your help .

Yes, without a doubt.

Of course you would have to back it up! Its a clear demonstration of unconditional love. Its how you get respect from your partner, which should be more important to you than losing respect from the other person

A certain degree of commisserating is also required. Saying things like 'how dare she, Ill get the *****, let me speak to her' is also required. Even if you totally think the ***** was completely justified.

Well now you know and there is no more excuses ;)