I'm So Tired of Taking Care of Everyone Else!!!

My entire life has been spent taking care of everyone else but me......I'm just ****** TIRED OF IT!!!!!!  I need a man who will take care of me , for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i am a lone survivor too. I have out lived all of my family mother ,father , sister(my only sibling). my mate of fourty years dropped dead(heart attack).
noone wants you when your old and do not have anything they want .
ha ha or won't let them have any thing you want to keep.

in exchange for what. the loss of your freedom to come and go as you please.
to find out that you end up taking care of him more than him taking care of you?
Good luck with that.

Thanks....that's exactly what I'm trying to do...give me a break....he just tossed me aside two days ago!!

OK Penny, well if you dont love hubby and the guy you left wont have anything to do with has moved on.. perhapes that might be something you need to consider yourself.. Move on. Best wishes to you and may you find someone who will take care of you...

My attitude exactly, FSG......not anymore!!!!!!

BrooklynGirl...Amen, honey!!<br />
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ScottyScorpio......you are oviously one of the good ones...I wish you much luck!!!!!<br />
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Penny WEBB

no one should ever settle...no matter what that settlement is ;)

Not a chance, ScottyScorpio....not a ****** chance!!!!!!!!<br />
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Penny WEBB

Thanks , BrooklynGirl...you are always welcome to comment on anything I write. I am a romantic...it is my nature. Love is all. Life is too short not to live it to its fullest , and that can only happen with love. I know that I am partially at fault for this happening..I chose to believe him, when there were signs all along of his treachery. Others saw it. I should've , too. I need to be smarter....but I will not settle for less than love!!!<br />
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Penny WEBB

I really feel for you girl...but love smove, reality is you need to respect and to actually like someone before you love them and if youve been there before with them and its gone? likelyhood of it returning is really slim. and when it comes down to it other things are so much more important than love as i mentioned before. i may be way too jaded to weigh in on this but i do feel for you very much. i hope it all works out for you really soon xoxo

Thanks, Les...I really appreciate it!!!<br />
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Tailor.....as I stated in my earlier comment, I do not love hubby, and he is the "take care of you" type....the man I left him for is 650 miles away and has let it be known that he is done with me.....no massages or dinners out with him....

Okay then Penny.. usually women tend not to tell their partners/husbands about their needs. Well, you do your bit for you and tell if he doesnt buck up his ideas it will continue to be that way... Write up a list of the things you do against the things he does... That you are going on strike until things improve... your needs being met..him taking care of you!<br />
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Print the comments here and give it him! He can start by giving you a massage and taking you out for dinner..<br />
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Good luck Penny!

What makes you think I didn't tell him????? Because I still don't get what I want? Not so....I am not shy about letting my needs and wants be known.<br />
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Penny Webb

You could start by letting it be known what you want instead of hoping he will read your mind. Tell the man what it is you want and how you want it. I think as womend we do fall in the trap of doing things and expecting the same in return. Men can be dense at times. I think it starts at home, boys are taken care of by their mothers always doing things for them then they expect the same from their partners/wife. Taught my son to be independent and to help his mother instead of waiting to be asked...Good luck!

Thanks, BrooklynGirl!! I need all the support I can get!!<br />
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Penny Webb :-)

You go girl...Im with you! lol

The sad thing for me is that I had a man like that..my present husband, with whom I live. I fell in love with and ran off to a man I met here on EP. The relationship didn't work out, and now I feel no love whatsoever for my hubby. I could stay here and be taken care of, but he insists on my loving him, eventually ( and so do I). I just don't see that happening..I feel nothing for him...all my love is still owned by Allenw/Bruce.