This will be a long post just warning you... I've never had a man take care of me or ever come remotely close. I seem to repel men and I believe I know exactly why. I have mild Asperger's and Dyscalculia and that's a lot to handle too much for men. Even my Dad never wanted to be a Dad to me still doesn't to this day. I had a bf 5 years ago he invited me to dinner and I had to go where he was he didn't come to pick me up and when I got there he didn't pay for dinner he told me to put salt on my wrist and lick it and that can be my dinner. All my life males have just given me very poor treatment and have literally abused me. I've been slapped, kicked, spat on, pushed, shoved, and had my hair pulled and more all by males. I've also been verbally abused several times by males. It's a miracle I still am attracted to males at all. I guess I want to give males a chance to prove to me that there's decent men on this planet. I've always had these fairytale like dreams of a man serenading me outside my house, dancing with me in the rain, singing softly in my ear, letting me sit on his lap, cuddling with him, talking with him, being understood and accepted as I am by him, having him spoil me rotten with affection and gifts and take me on trips all around the world and just that sort of thing. I know none of that will happen that is why I used to word fairytale. I still dream of it though as it is a nice dream and I enjoy thinking of it. So all this to say I do want to be taken care of by a male have him dote on me and adore me and spoil me and just have the relationship I've always dreamed about.
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I, too, am a little surprised you haven't lost faith yet. We sound awful! If you hang in there, I'm sure you'll find someone. I don't know where you find all those "winners" but I'd recommend looking somewhere new. :/ It's not your fault though, lots of people are just jerks now.