If Only

I don't know what to do with myself if I actually had a man that knew how to fix things.  My EX could barely put a shoe rack together right. 
He screwed on one of the shelves backwards and since it was going to be in the closet, he didn't bother trying to fix it to make it look right. 

I've spent a small fortune hiring people to do things around the house.  It would be nice to have a guy around who knows how to do things and be awesome in the sack too.  I would be so greatful and show my gratitude quite often!!! wink
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5 Responses Aug 4, 2010

yeah I'd like a man who was good with his hands as well...but not to build me anything...just use them on me!

I fix things around my own house all the time and for others too. I always tell my clients there should alway be a first aid box and good set ot tools around the house. You never know when you need em. Having or getting a man to know how to fix things around is a must i would say lol. I love to help but unfortunally i am far far away.. I live in Singapore.

I promise I won't think about it either. :-)

Aw, I just want someone to build me a house.

Berbuletta? Could you send your brother down here for a bit. Just a month or two, I promise!