I Want To Be Dominated

I have a boyfriend who does not understand my want to be dominated. I am the submissive type and am looking for someone who would be willing to dominate me. I have never been trained as someone's sub but am looking for a strong man who will take control over me and does not like to be disobeyed. I have few limits.
sexytoy1234 sexytoy1234
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I have wanted a bondage partner for so long when i married i was interested in bondage that was at age 18the girl i married tended to put up with it but wasnt realy keen .but i suppose it was love that mattered in the end .When she died and later when i was readytook up with another womensame again and still now i havnt had any luck ,Now on the computer i am surrounded by women into bondage . Am i to old although i am always suprising people when i tell them my age they think i am up to 10 years younger ,plus all the women apear to be in America as is Sexy1234 ,would love to be there alasi shall converse via the computer and dream a dream

Me too. Two marriages and several relationships I found someone who is almost a complete match. She loves to do what she is told and will get punished when it's not good enough. She does get rewarded for taking her punishment.<br />
We are members of a Munch, you may find one by looking up Informed consent.<br />
Good luck with your search. f2w

I can identify with that sexygirl. And I also agree with everything xtreme said. It took me another ten years to work it out, and it can be a real relationship wrecker. Especiaaly when the guy thinks he wants it but doesn't understand it. I don't have any answers for you but I do sympathise.