I Like To Be Dominated A Bit By Other Men

For quite some time I have known that I am bisexual and crave another man's **** from time to time. I've been meeting guys for sex on a regular basis, and the internet is a huge help with that - when I'm horny I log onto some of the gay websites and quite often manage to hook up to someone. If not, I ********** in front of my webcam for other guys, that's also a huge turn-on for me. While doing that I realised that I liked being told what to do on the webcam - undress, show off my nude body, **********, finger my ***, put a ***** inside my *** or even *** only when the other person tells me to. This loss of control over my body and my sexuality makes me really hot, although strangely only with men - when having sex with women I don't like being dominated.

So now when I ********** in front of my webcam I'm often looking for a guy who gives me orders, and tells me how he wants me to satisfy myself. I now have a list of a few guys like that, and when they're online I often tell them I'm horny and need to have my ***** milked out of my balls. One in particular is very good at that and masturbates himself while he gives me orders on what to do. He usually starts by telling me to get completely shaved if I'm not already, and to show him my ****, balls and ******* in close-up to prove it. He also routinely tells me to bend over and spread my ***-cheeks for him, so that he can see inside my smooth *******. Then he normally asks me to rub and ********** my penis, squeeze the head, pull the foreskin down and massage my balls. I'm normally very quickly very hard then, as this turns me on quite a lot. He then tells me to only caress or rub a certain part of my penis, and even tells me the rhythm of my ************ movements. I must also tell him once I'm close to *******, which often arrives rather fast. He then orders me to stop touching my penis and to only squeeze my balls gently or start with inserting a finger into my *******. After some time that gets my precum going and he often asks me to taste it and squeeze drops of it out of my penis and show him how I lick it off a finger. Then he tells me to ********** until I'm almost at an ****** and then to stop and take the hands away from my ****, which then often twitches and spasms with sexual excitement. He then orders me to repeat that, again and again, until I'm so horny that I beg him to let me ***. In the end, usually after at least a dozen or more stops right before the ******, he tells me to *** and shoot my ***** for him. Sometimes he wants me to ********* into a glass so he can see how much seed there is, or on a black t-shirt so that the **** is clearly visible.

He also loves to see my penis *** without my hands, and I've realized that this also turns me on a lot. He now almost exclusively orders me to *** like that. I then stroke my **** until I feel the ****** building up and know I can't hold back it any longer, then take my hands away so that my penis spurts my ***** out all on its own, and the spasms and twitches of each spurt of ***** are clearly visible in my penis. In particular the first *********** feels even stronger then, it's as if the ****** is longer than when I continue using my hands. I then try to pump out as much ***** as possible without my hands, and in the end use my hands to milk the last drops of it out of my balls.

After I've ***, he sometimes asks me to taste my ***, which I've also learned to like. From time to time he has also ordered me to ********* into my hand and lick of my ***** after I've orgasmed, although most often at least some of it shoots over my hand.

With another guy I've also had quite a lot of real encounters where he dominates me and I do what he tells me to. That turns on both of us a lot. I've also noticed that for that I like older guys, around 50 or a bit older. That is however a story that I'll tell another day...;)
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I personally find that sometimes it is really good to be dominated ( sexually and not ) by other man, especially if the other man is a good friend of yours who can understand you and your needs. Carlone64.