I don't want the freaky kind of domination, but with all the pressures of being a single parent, sometimes it is tempting to just find someone to hand over the reigns to.  I am a bit of a traditionalist anyway so I whole-heartedly believe that a man should make all the decisions.  I think that the woman's opinion should be taken seriously, but that in the end a man is in charge.  So that is how I want to be dominated

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Makes perfect sense to me.

My husband is very dominating and sometimes it gets old. lol I was raised that the man runs the house and takes care of things and that they ware the pants in the family. I was raised to listen to my man. Once in a while it is nice that he is the dominate one because he is also my protector and my knight in shining armor. I hope you find your dominate man but please don't let him have all the rains. You have to keep a little for yourself.

your a good one I'm so use to being dominate in a relationship that when me and my boyfriend got together it was hard to let that go we still bump heads but I think it's because he doesn't want to hear my opinion and that aggrivates me. If he would learn to listen it wouldn't be so hard for me to let him have control.

CB Surely there must be a spank here or there as well? Retro Domino

Can any man make the decision for you? Hmmm, I say buy an elephant and make him stomp on cars, lol.