Surprise Surprise Part 2

The handle of the crop snaking around her loins. Gently tracing over her swollen, wet lips. She bends further over, looking back at him as he runs it harder and harder. Her hand drifts to her mouth, and she snakes her fingers inside, wetting them and running them over her excited nipples.
He stops and yells, "WHO THE **** TOLD YOU TO TOUCH YOURSELF, *****, WHO?!?!?!?!?!?" He slaps the crop down across her ***, bringing a sharp cry from her lips. He yanks her wrists behind her and clips them together, as she whines, "NO SIRE, PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?" "**** YOU, *****!!!!!!" as he brings the crop across her *** again, making the flesh hot. She jumps, and he stands up behind her. He yanks her hair and pulls her head back. He gets an inch from her ear, and icily whispers, "YOU ARE MY *****, AND MY ***** ALONE. YOU DO AS I ******* SAY, YOU GET ON YOUR KNEES WHEN I COMMAND, AND YOU **** ME UPON MY ORDERS, IS THAT CLEAR?!?!?!?!?!" She nods, and moans escape her lips.
He stands her up by her hair, roughly, and spanks her repeatedly while standing, with his open hands. He walks in front of her, and pushes her to her knees, her wrists bound together, her eyes searching for release. He stands before her, crop in hand and raises her chin to his gaze. The riding crop traces roughly over her nipples, and he flicks it down across each engorged bud, bringing more moans from her. "DON'T YOU TAKE YOUR EYES FROM MINE, *****, UNDERSTOOD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" "Yes SIRE" That’s my good *****! "You want this pain? You want to feel the sting of my hands?" Her head nods its approval, and a sly grin crosses his lips.
He unzips his pants and puts his **** right at her lips. "NOW, LETS SEE JUST HOW MUCH CONTROL YOU HAVE, ****!" "OPEN YOUR ****** MOUTH!" His hand swiftly reaches down and slaps her across the mouth, sending her ***** into a spacing fit. He can smell her arousal, as she obediently opens her mouth wide. "NOW, PUT YOUR MOUTH OVER THE HEAD, AND DONT ******* TOUCH IT!" She quickly puts her dark painted lips at the head, over it, and does not touch it as she was commanded. Her eyes close, and he says, "UH UH, ****! OPEN THOSE ******* EYES, AND LOOK AT ME, NOW!" She seems lost in her lust and anticipation, and does not open her eyes quickly enough, which brings a stinging blow on her back and *** from the crop. "WHAT THE **** DID I TELL YOU?!?!?!?!?!"
Her eyes open and he feels her lips capture the head as the 2 sharp blows strike her. "DONT YOU ******* DARE TOUCH MY ****!" "WE ARE GONNA SEE HOW MUCH CONTROL YOU HAVE OVER YOUR NEED TO SUCK THIS ****!" Her eyes go wide, and he knows she wont be able to stand what’s coming next.
He turns slightly and attaches the nipple clamps to her swollen buds. The clamps are not tight, but are on strong enough for her to feel. "NOW, LETS SEE HOW MUCH CONTROL YOU HAVE, *****!!!" He turns on the current, and immediate waves sweep over her. "MOUTH BACK OVER THE **** *****!! REMEMBER THE RULES!!!!" Her mouth opens and positions itself over the head.
The current on the clamps is turned higher, and her eyes roll back slightly. He watches as she furiously tries not to touch the **** positioned in her mouth. He raises his right hand and has the flogger in it. He brings it down across her ***, and she moans through the lips trying desperately not to touch his ****. The flogger reigns down repeatedly, raising whelps on her *** and back. She is trying desperately not to touch the ****, but its becoming increasingly harder to do. His **** is twitching in her mouth, and the head keeps hitting the top of her mouth, the natural response being to clamp down on it. His next several blows spread across her back and ***, as the flogger is loosening itself up. This is what she wanted. This is what she needed, but can she last? Can she keep her mouth open? Can she obey his commands?
The flogger comes down 7 times in all, and tears are in her eyes, not from the pleasurable pain he’s inflicted, but from wanting soooo badly to suck the **** placed before her. He is impressed, and nods his approval of her control. He turns the current on the clamps up higher, and her eyes go wide. As the current zips through her, she feels his fingers tighten the pressure on the clips. His **** still perched in her lips, and her urge to suck even greater now.
He pulls his **** from her mouth, and grabs her by the hair, standing her up and pushing her to the door. He unclips her wrists, and stretches her wrists to the door restraints. He kneels and places her ankles in the buckles of the spreader bars, and watches as she wiggles shamelessly, wanting his touch, needing his touch. He blindfolds her and runs his fingers over her ribcage, making her jump, and her knees go weak.
His hands trace a pattern from her neck, to her mid spine, making her take in a sharp intake of breath, and fall towards the door. He hasn’t touched her ***** yet, and she's ready to explode. His hands continue their assault on her back and sides, making her juice more and more. He stands behind her, and his hand snakes between her legs, roughly pinching her ****, making her explode in a wave of pleasure and uncontrollable ******. She screams, as her juices flood his hand, and her legs become weak. He wont stop pinching her ****, and she begs him to finger her, and help her totally release. "**** YOU, *****!!!" "THIS IS MY SHOW, AND I'LL SAY WHEN YOU CAN RELEASE" "UNDERSTOOD?!?!" She cant answer him, as her pleasure is mounting, and the fever in her aching ***** is only increasing.
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Jan 13, 2013