I Will Be Dominating Somebody This Weekend!

Here's my story. I responded to an advert on an adult website to dominate a young (22) sexy articulate student. She is amazingly attractive and in a happy relationship. She has recently graduated and is due to start a lucrative job in the City of London in a few weeks. Before she begins that new chapter in her life though she wants to experience being a "*****" and wants me to pay for it. She has had offers in the region of £5,000 for an overnight experience! I have agreed simply to pay her £100 for her time and companionship and she has agreed to do anything I want as long as I make her feel "totally dominated". Any help with suggestions as to what would make this a great experience for both of us would be greatly appreciated as this is something completely new to me.
jamesdylan jamesdylan
31-35, M
5 Responses May 28, 2007

If you have to ask, it's not going to happen. You don't have it in you. Just trying being yourself. A 50/50 relationship, maybe.

First of all..a word of advice from an Master (Alpha Male)...never pay to a girl!<br />
If she so desires to be submissive..well, she better be the one to gain your favor...and not the other way around! She is the naturally submissive partner in a relationship, she is to only follow the master's commands and not put forward conditions of her own!

My my ScreamingInside, you ARE a good slave, aren't you!<br />
As a reward l think l will send you a pair of handcuffs.<br />

H--m-m-m- I agree about the delightful opportunity part,but disagree on the lack of trappings . Women are creatures of smoke and mirrors and love theatre and it's trappings. If nothing but velvet ribbons to bind her hands and a black blindfold and a mask. Possible a small whip make from more black ribbons and cord. It adds imensly and she will apreciate you ingenuity and passion to ignite her desires.

james this is a wonderful opportunity - domination is terribly erotic - i suggest no ropes etc just mind control its like a dance - the ultimate destination is for me, getting her to *** when called not balled - now that would be an achievement in one session!!! Phew Retro domino