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I have been a submissive all my life.  Not just in the bedroom but always.  It isn't about having someone treat you like a doormat or controlling you.  Its all about trust and building love and respect and understanding.  I'm in a situation right now that I am totally in love, but just not dominatated enough.  I'm afraid that even though I love him with all my heart and will spend forever with him, I will lose respect for the pushover he has become.  I want him to go the extra step and see what my limits are and if he can push them.  It isn't my first D/s experience but this is the one that is going to last forever.  Hopefully he will learn to tame me and Dominate me and know when to put his foot down and when to let me let loose and be free spirited. 
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fingers crossed. .... and yes - topping from the bottom is a dangerous thing! ....cheers!

Ty both for the encouragment. He is a Dom, just not as Dominating as I would like. As a sub i know i can ask him to have more expectations of me, but it's not my place to demand it. I know he can and i trust Him completely. There are days when i find myself pushing and i shouldn't be. He will come around when he feels it is right. Cross your fingers for me and i know it'll all turn out ok!

Its hard for a guy to go against what society tells him and to dominate a woman like this. He has mental hurdles to get over too. Reinforce that that's what you want, let him know how much you enjoyed it afterwards, etc. Give him confidence in his dominance and that he is not hurting you, but that you like giving yourself to him this way - the trust you speak of. Its a beautiful thing once you both come to grips with it

it is very hard to get your wonderful man to become your master. but i know if you let him know your wants and desires - he will become a master you can serve w/ respect. <br />
my wonderful has become the best master i could have ever hoped for. we are also 24/7 and not just sexually. it's wonderful to know that you can trust a man so much. <br />
<br />
Good luck! .... ~L~