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I was once a confident powerful women running away from home aged 15 because I was sick of the pain and being afraid. Living in a doorway for months until found a crappy flat but it was mine. worked in a fun pub lied about my age to get job but still believe they knew my secret and took pity on me. Alone now with 3 kids all messed up but we are strongĀ 
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Im sitting here wondering what he is doing. A lil hurt cauz he hasnt answered my calls all day. (AGAIN). Thinking y do i stay with this man. I know he isnt good 4me. We dont date anymore. He shows no compassion 4me or anything important 2me. So y do i bother. I must be stupid. Im not n love with him. I think its just the fact we have been around each other 4so many years. I thought it was meant. Then i wonder if there is a good man just 4me. Im the youngest of 4. Everybodys married but me. And idk if it will happen 4me. Tired & lonely all the time. I dont wanna seem desperate. And i know God wants so much more 4me. And my 2girls. They deserve a good male role model. And their real dad is around when he has the time. Im so tired. When is it my turn?