It's Like This..

My life is often times perplexed and boring.
I want a change from being alone all the time.
I want a man. A real one
I want someone to click with and share with
I wanna make love when I'm angry or upset
I wanna be held and cuddled, I love that **** :*
I don't just want anyone though,
I want someone who will be truthful with me and will treat me right.
I don't want to be a constelation prize, I wanna be his first place Trophy
I want to feel loved and love back
I don't want this love to be equal,
I want it to grow everyday.
I want to have a fire between us that'll never go out.
I want true love.
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 30, 2012

YES --- someone who will stay by me and share the experiences of a lifetime and someone who can control me ad my urges.

:) that all sounds reasonable...

I thought so as well (: