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I Broke Up With My Boyfriend In October

His name was Guilhem, he is Christian, and we dated for four years. I didn't think we would ever part, when we first began, but time often changes, and people grow apart.

Guilhem (that's Occitan for the English name 'William') is two years older than me, but in maturity terms he's probably three years younger! We met at school in Perpignan, and we becme close during our time there. He left before I started for my baccalaureat, and so we struggled to keep our relationship on the same terms.

Our splitting up was probably inevitable.
Anuledroan Anuledroan 18-21, F 4 Responses Jan 2, 2013

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You and me both! I want a man to love me also! I want to be loved, romanced, walks in the park holding hands, I want to be loved for me and I want to be told I am pretty and I am the only woman he sees. I don't want a man that thinks about sex the first time he sees me. Does such a man exist?

I would like to say yes anything is poss.

It's not meant to be at this time. Maybe in a few years, you be together again. It does happen but move on and live your life to the full.

Not a fun place to be, though we've all been there. I like your writing, could I get an add?

you seem wise for your years