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Nice To Be Loved And Valued.

I've experienced lots of bad relationships and recently I've read a piece on why I kept attracting unavailable men and noticed that the problem was me. I keep attracting them because I was not emotionally secured. It doesn't mean I am clingy or whatever. It means that I think I love him but it's not true. Hard to explain what I mean. Anyway as we all know, alike attracts alike. For many years I wanted real love but never got it. I would dream of that day when I find love and now I don't bother. I think I gave up and thought I don't care if I don't ever find love. I am 42 and although I've read stories where older people found love, they're lucky. In my experience I don't think I'd ever find one because I've had bad relationships and I still think about my ex boyfriends who've put me though bad times. I still cry about it too.

I envy others who've found love and wished I experience that just once in my lifetime.

Anyway thanks for listening. If you're gonna respond please don't say you'll find someone one day blah blah cuz that's patronising.
Myalee Myalee 41-45, F 2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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OMG! that's my story right there and I'm only 27 years old. I always wonder if I will ever find someone who really loves me. But I always inspire myself that God is in control, if it was meant to be, it will be..I pray about it too:)

You're 27 years old. You're still young and I truly hope u find a lovely man one day. Never give yourself away, always keep your friends and your regular life cuz if he walks away u will still have your friends and reg life and the pains of loss won't be so unbearable. I'm still on my own today. :(

the both of you will find that special guy ,honest to god you will. heck the both are only what 27 , lol your just getting started . test them alllll out tight now :) lol its just when you get to 47 that u got to start to worry :) .. havea nicee nite

Thanks. That's sweet. I'm 42. The other lady is 27. She have a chance. I don't.

I appreciate your honest story. After 40s the attitute changes, the demands, the tolerance... And perhaps we learn to love ourselves first (= cliche? Can be). I just dont know if loving myself is going ever satisfy my need to be loved...

Well if you do love yourself, that's a bonus!