I Want To Have Romance

is it too much to ask for a little romance in my life.

I am beautiful yet I never had any relationships with men.

I really want someone to love me, I have all those dreams and ideas of how sweet it can be.

I am very nice and I think all of the time how wonderful it must be when I see girls talking about their lovers and such.

why can't I have that? why is it so hard for any one to find me worthy of romance?

I don't know exactly the reason why. it might be that my family was too strict, it could be my personality.

but now I am in my early 20s and i am very lonely.

whenever I think a man is interested he  never approaches me .

I am an artist, I like to paint. men usually admire that ability about me, they think I am something else, but once they get to know me they don't like me.

I am not desperate, but I feel that I am missing something in my life. No one ever talked romantically with me.

there must be something wrong with me.


sura86 sura86
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 5, 2010

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Not only is confidence key, but remember, " You must love yourself, before someone else can love you."

Not having a boyfriend isnt big deal...life goes on, right!! I think it's not all your fault..maybe the guys are just worthles to have you...you are an artist (I just really wanna be an artist) and you'll be a greatest artist. That a huge talent so, Focus on it! <br />
The relationship isnt easy as you are bl<x>inking your eyes...Good Luck!!!

Hi!<br />
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You are still so young so take all the time you need to first find out what you really want in a man, and some of that will surely come from dating a lot of the wrong ones, but never ever be someone different than you are for the sake of attracting someone else. <br />
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Be confident in who you are, my gosh when I see a woman with confidence in being herself, it just radiates, makes her so much more wonderful in my eyes, because it says they are comfortable with who they are.<br />
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If you question some things about your personality, ask why you think those might be a turn off. It's so easy to over analyze yourself, you are your own worst critic. Forget focusing on the negative and bring out all of the things that make you smile.<br />
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I use to dream that the kind of wonderful romance that you see in movies was just that, something only in movies, but I found someone that I could be entirely myself with, she could be entirely comfortable with me, exposing all of the oddities that make us us, and in that have found the most wonderful love I could ever imagine and so much more.<br />
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And if you think a man is interested in you, why don't you approach him? There are as many men who are scared to make the first move!