A Real "man"

Hi Beautiful People, i love this site because we get to share everything, our deepest thoughts...

a real "MAN" a word we find everyday and is so easy, but looking up in the dictionnary of life, it has a lot of meanings and it's a hard word, not hard to find but hard to find with its real meaning,

I want a MAN who'll love me for who i am, a MAN who doesn't care about the way i look or if i've gain a couple of pounds, a MAN who's faithful and honest, a MAN who's not vulnerable to hot blond or brunette girls, a MAN who's confident and makes me confident with him, a MAN with whom i can be myself, a MAN to whom i can trust and be a best friend, a MAN who makes me laugh and let me forget my past, a MAN full of love and happiness, a MAN on whom i can count and be secure with,....i want just a "MAN"

Does this "MAN" exist?

Ahhh, untill i meet you my "MAN"...

Dilelie Dilelie
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 5, 2010

your dream man is out there, don't give up hope.

Yes! well said. You have captured my thoughts also. Thank you for sharing.

This MAN exists, but often times he is beaten down by others. You see in a group of guys this MAN becomes the lesser as he is not like the others. He will be teased as he is faithful and he will be brought down as he does not sleep around. This MAN exists, but society destroys him.

oh yea the female population will be so happy if the men population get developped :)