On A Leash

The first collaring I did was on a woman who I'd had a relationship with for a few years already and as she gradually came under my domination, she begged to be collared as a symbol of her owned status.

Several years later I was kind-of single again and dated a young woman who I had met in a pub (bar). While chatting to her about fantasies, I had gently put my hands around her neck. "What are you doing?" she asked in a nervous voice. "Just measuring your neck for a collar," I replied. The slight smile, downward look and wide-eyes told me all I needed to know. Her first time in a collar came a couple of weeks later as we went on what she thought was going to be a picnic but was in fact me leading her on a leash around public paths that circled a nearby village. She was nervous, then proud, then nervous, and finally fully aroused at the realisation that she was under animalistic control of a man who appreciated her fundamental feminine sensuality. That was a one-off experience for her but she sent me 'thank-you' cards on the anniversary for a few years afterwards.
Interesdom Interesdom
51-55, M
Nov 30, 2012