My Husband And I Have Done This

And it was incredible…He drank all kinds of liquids and then filled my up…I could feel my insides stretching as they filled rapidly.. OMG I absolutely love this feeling, but that isn’t even the best part..

I guess because your intestinal tract can absorb testosterone from male urine I was instantly in heat.. I mean I would have humped anything and everything.. close to me if my husband wouldn’t have been ready and willing….My drive is usually high, but this was crazy even for me…

I spent the next several hours trying to satisfy this crazy.. huge…urgent need to be ****** hard and fast…to be ****** in every hole at once… to be double penetrated….to be fisted devour his ****…to choke and gag on it and still I wanted MORE!!! OMG just writing about this is making me feel animalistic again..

Now this is something I crave and once in awhile my husband is happy to oblige.. 

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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

Sounds like fun! Where do you live? Just kidding! Gotta ask my wife about this one!